Walking Stick

My Home: I am usually found on bushes
or in small trees. I look like a twig and part
of the plant I am on so I can hide from birds
and other predators. My specialty
is camouflage.

What I eat: I only eat leaves and stems
of plants and usually only eat at night.

What I look like: My size ranges from less than
1 inch to over 1 foot in length, depending on my
species. I have a built in camouflage and appear
to look like part of the plant.

How I am born: I go through three stages of
development: egg, nymph and adult. The female can
lay up to 150 eggs, dropping them one by one to the
ground. My egg is also camouflaged and resembles a
brown seed. I hatch in the spring as a nymph and
resemble a tiny adult. My lifespan is one season.

  Fun Facts
The walking stick has
the ability to regenerate
lost limbs. A female can
reproduce by herself, but will
only produce other females. Some
species of walking sticks can squirt a fluid that
will make their potential predators temporarily blind.