Tiger Swallowtail Butterfly

My Home: I am found throughout North America,
from Canada all the way to Mexico.

What I eat: As a caterpillar, I am a very picky
eater and usually will only eat leaves from the
wild cherry or tulip trees. As an adult I will drink
the nectar from flowers.

What I look like: My wings are four to five inches
in width, four inches in height and are usually yellow
and black striped. I have a long thin black body with two

How I am born: I will go through four stages of development:
egg, caterpillar, chrysalis (cocoon), and adult (butterfly).
My egg is laid on or close to a cherry or tulip tree. I hatch from
the egg and become a caterpillar for a few weeks. After eating
most of the time and getting bigger, I form a chrysalis
(cocoon). I will emerge as a butterfly in a few weeks.

  Fun Facts
Swallowtails have
two wing tails that hang down at the
bottom of their wings. Often, they will lose one of
their wing 'tails' to a predatory bird, but they can still fly.