Monarch Butterfly

My Home: I am found on all continents except the polar region. I migrate great distances in the winter, from Canada all the way to Mexico.

What I eat: As a caterpillar, I will only eat the leaves and stems
of the milkweed plant. As an adult, I drink the nectar from
flowers or the juices from fruit.

What I look like: My wings are approximately three inches
from tip to tip and my body is about one inch long.
I have a black body and my wings are orange and yellow
with black lines running through them. My wings
also have a black border with white
spots around the edges.

How I am born: I will go through four stages of
development: egg, caterpillar, chrysalis,
and adult (butterfly). The female Monarch
can lay up to 400 eggs on the leaves
or stems of the milkweed plant. I am
hatched from an egg and become a
caterpillar. After a few weeks of
eating and getting bigger, I make
my chrysalis). It takes me a few
more weeks before I emerge as a butterfly.

  Fun Facts
Each year monarch butterflies fly up to
2,000 miles from northeastern North America
to Mexico. Recent experiments show that Monarchs navigate using the earth's magnetic field.
How cool is that?!