My Home: I am found in North America
and throughout other parts of the world.
I spend most of my life underground as a
nymph. For the month I am an adult, I can be
found on trees, plants, fences, houses and
almost anywhere.

What I eat: As a nymph, I suck the sap
from the roots of trees. As an adult, I
have piercing sucking mouthparts and
drink the juices from plant stems.

What I look like: I have transparent wings
that can have many patterns or colors, red
eyes with a black body and will grow up to be
about 3 inches long.

How I am born: I go through three stages of
development: egg, nymph and adult. My egg is laid
in tree branches and when I hatch I fall to the ground.
In my larval stage I am called a nymph and I can live in the
ground for many years. Some periodic broods or nests of cicada larvae live in the ground for 17 years! I emerge from the ground and attach myself to trees, plants, or structures until I pop out of my skin and become an adult. As an adult, I only live from 2 weeks to 40 days.

  Fun Facts
You can hear the
cicada's song for up to
½ mile away and they only
sing during the daytime. The cicada
makes the loudest sound of any insect. There
are approximately 2,500 cicada species in the world.